If you're looking to rent an apartment, house or townhouse in Dayton, Ohio, or the surrounding areas—Harrison Township, Kettering, Riverside, Miamisburg, or Trotwood—we've got just the home you're looking for!

In a PepZee Realty building, you never have to worry about your home turning into just a place you rent. We own the buildings we manage, so we treat our tenants with the respect they deserve. Our buildings are always kept safe and clean, just like you want your home to be.


To see an apartment, contact us at: (937) 275-0001 or at info@pepzee.com
3518 North Main
Dayton, OH 45405

Phone: (937) 275-0001
Fax: (937) 275-0003

Prices and specials subject to change without notice.
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